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#003 – Understanding the Difference Between Dimension and Density

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

These days you’ll hear a lot of conversations about density. Not in the sense of how compact something is, but along the lines of spiritual awakening. Many people are coming into the idea that there is a certain structure in our evolution as an energy being. That evolutionary structure is founded in what we call density.

First, what is dimension?

One of the main issues I often come across when discussing dimension is the confusion with density. They are not the same. Dimension can be a spacial concept, but that’s not what we mean here. Dimension should be used to describe a parallel reality. For instance, right now your life is playing out in an infinite amount of dimensions or parallel realities in the “now” moment. Any possible timeline you could take with your life is happening all in one moment. Each one of those timelines could be called a dimension.

And…what is density?

On the other hand, a density is a level of awareness based on a vibrational frequency. In the Law of One material, density is very well explained. It says that there are eight densities in which the soul progresses through. We are currently in a third density reality transitioning into fourth. Entering the next density requires a higher vibrational rate.

Okay…then what is your vibration?

Your vibration is determined by what your primary state of existence is. In other words, what you believe and think about. Every cell in your body is vibrating at an incredibly fast rate. If you focus on one part of you body while meditating, you should be able to feel a subtle tingling. That’s you vibrating! On the soul level, your overall energy body is also vibrating. The frequency to which you resonate is determined by your thoughts and emotions. It’s what this whole ascension process is about. Becoming more conscious and more aware raises your vibration. This in turn “tunes” you into whatever density your in frequency with.

Everything vibrates

The Earth also goes through this process. Don’t think for one moment that our Earth isn’t a sentient being because it absolutely is. In fact, everything is. Right down to the minerals and rocks. Earth is currently in the process of transitioning from third into fourth density. This is due to some aspects of our solar system in relation to the galaxy. Some of humanity will transition with the Earth and some will not. That will be up to you.

A lot of us feel right now as though we have one foot in third density and one foot in fourth. That’s because you do. Some of the things you might experience are:

  • Immediately realizing when you say something negative

  • Wanting to let go of some of your relationships

  • Feeling like you’re “yo-yo’ing” back and forth with old and new habits

  • Experiencing a sense of friction with your energy

All of these things are indications that you’re moving into fourth density. I’m not gonna lie, this process can be a rough road. It requires you to dig deep and really take a look at yourself. Making sustainable changes in life can be very difficult, but incredibly rewarding.

TerraLife Wellness

My wife Lisa and I have been going through this process for a while now. Let me tell you…it has been incredible. And by that I mean incredibly amazing and incredibly difficult. But we love the process so much that we wanted to help people with it. What we decided to do was set up a company called TerraLife Wellness. TLW is a holistic health and wellness coaching business aimed at helping people make changes in their lives that are optimal and lasting. We implement a concept known as Whole Life Balance which is a mind-body-spirit approach to restore balance, renew energy and live a happier, healthier and more vibrant life. If this is something that interests you, you can go to and check us out.

Awakening is an amazing process. To be alive at this time, on this planet is truly an honor. In the next few decades we’re going to experience things that will both inspire and challenge us to our core. You stood in line to be incarnated at this time. Be grateful for this life and the opportunity to grow as the spiritual being that you are.

In Gratitude...Kerr

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