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  • Kerr Smith


My name is Kerr Smith. Being an actor means I spend a lot of time in the right half of my brain. I love it because it provided me the ability to start asking myself questions about certain things. Things about how we fit into this Universe of ours and aspects of our being that we have long since forgotten. This blog is about all of that. It’s about coming into our awareness as human beings and expanding our consciousness to include a much larger picture of who we truly are.

My goal is to provide you with a broader perspective and start living a life outside the “box” we’ve always called reality. This will be a journey for me too. One of striking up a conversation of sorts. Up a path of illumination, insight and awe. My hope is that maybe we can walk this path together, hand in hand, figuring it out as we go along…with Expanding Awareness.

In Gratitude...Kerr

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